WomanTrend, a key division of the polling company inc., was founded in 1993 to better connect corporate America with the female consumer.  For years it has tracked and interpreted the social, cultural, financial, professional and health trends influencing—and being influenced by—women.

WomanTrend continues to monitor female consumers, but we also collect a multitude of current and prospective lifestyle, home, work, entertainment, technological, and generational trends affecting all consumers.  Some of the groups and areas where WomanTrend analysis has been on the cutting edge have included:

  • WORKING  WOMEN: High-Net-Worth female execs or entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves as “leaders of the pack.” Thirty percent of small businesses are owned by women.
  • “BOSSY” GEN Y: The ladies of this generation have high career aspirations. Thirty percent plan to start their own business or be their own boss!
  •  SINGLE AND LIVING IT: Generation X’s unmarried women who are successful and active professionally and socially.
  • DAPPER DADS:  Gen-X men who opt for greater workplace flexibility.  Men spend 2.1 hours a day raising their children, up 1-hr since 1977 and there was a 54% increase in the number of men who opted out of the workforce to care for children between 1986-2003.
  • NOT-YET-MOMS: Young women that plan to eventually have a family who are working on final educational and financial goals first.
  • WOMEN WITH THE FOUR M’S: Marriage, Munchkins, Mutual Funds, and Mortgage.
  • JUNIOR-SENIORS: Adults between 50-64 who are on the edge of their golden years, many with grown children; expecting entitlements and eternity.
  • SANDWICH GENERATION: Adults faced with taking care of both their children and their parents.
  • ONLINE, ALL THE TIME:  Teens and young twenty-somethings who are a part of Generation Y (born between 1979-1994) spend 16.7 hours a week on the Internet, while only spending 13.7 hours a week watching television.

Such insights have guided Fortune 500 clients, including Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Kraft, AMC Networks, Gannett, Mars, Marriott, Allstate, Liz Claiborne, General Motors, Avon, Estee Lauder, Lifetime Television, and Pfizer among others.