Being prepared for what could lie ahead should be a cornerstone of any successful business plan. These days, news travels at the speed of a “click” and stories can go viral almost instantaneously, so you must be ready not just with a response but a plan.

Crises can result from internal events like CEO/senior leadership integrity, corporate restructuring, layoffs or moving jobs offshore. They can also be the result of outside forces like a negative social media firestorm or a data breach. No matter how the crisis begins, we have the tools to get your business back on track.

the polling company, inc./WomanTrend offers a variety of crisis communication and reputation management services, including:

Preparation and Prevention

The best way to manage a crisis is to be prepared for one and to prevent it when possible. This proactive approach can make the difference between a swift resolution or a catastrophe. We will work with you to develop response management plans and provide trainings for senior leadership, so when the pressure is on, they are ready. Additionally, we can monitor communications (social media and mainstream media), as well as regulatory changes, to stay ahead and avoid turmoil.

Ok, it’s happening, the sky is falling…. Now what?!?

Sometimes, despite the best laid plans, the worst happens. We will stand by your side until the situation is resolved and you are operating in “business as usual” mode. Working swiftly, we will assess the situation and identify the problem at the surface and dig deep to find the root cause. From there we will begin to develop a resolution plan that engages key players for short and long term recovery strategy as well as message development for internal and external release. It will also be critical throughout the entire process to monitor social media and engage when necessary and appropriate.

Finally, when the storm calms, we will analyze the situation and integrate the lessons learned into existing preparation plans and, when not in place already, develop a prevention strategy.